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Denver Colorado Attorney – Personal Injury Due to Assault

At The Law Office of Damian Stone, we may be able to help you if you were assaulted in or near a bar, restaurant, or other establishment. A victim of an assault may have a claim against a bar, retaurant, or landowner for personal injuries sustained on or near the property, regardless of whether a bar employee or patron assaulted the victim.

In Colorado, a bar, restaurant, or landowner has a duty to provide adequate security for foreseeable dangers on or near the property.  Whether the bar, restaurant, or landowner breached its duty to provide adequate security is determined by analyzing several factors recognized in Colorado law.

If an employee assaulted the victim, the victim may also have a claim against the employer for the negligent supervision, training, and hiring of the bouncer or security staff that assaulted the victim.  A bar, restaurant, or landowner may also be liable under the Dram Shop Liability Act if the assault on the victim occurred due to the over service of alcohol to an intoxicated person.  The Law Office of Damian Stone will analyze the facts surrounding your assault and determine whether the bar, restaurant, or landowner breached its duty to protect you from an assault.

Please contact a Denver, Colorado attorney that is experienced in the prosecution of claims involving assaults in bar and restaurants and arrange for a free initial consultation.