Breach of Contract Disputes

Breach of Contract Attorney – Denver Colorado

The Law Office of Damian Stone handles all types of breach of contract disputes. When a contract dispute arises, you need an attorney to analyze your rights and obligations. Often, contracts may include terms and conditions that are unenforceable under the law. The contract may also include terms and conditions that are being misapplied by the opposing party. At the Law Office of Damian Stone, we will analyze the contract and determine your rights and obligations under the contract.

If someone has breached a contract with you, The Law Office of Damian Stone can bring a lawsuit to enforce the terms of the contract.  In a breach of contract lawsuit, the following damages may be recoverable:

  • Costs and expenses that were the probable consequence of the contract breach.
  • Loss of net profits that you could have earned, but for the breach of contract.
  • Damages identified in the contract.
  • The reasonable values of the goods or services.
  • Attorney fees and costs if allowed by the contract.

Depending on the subject the contract, additional damages may be recoverable under the contract. 

If you have been accused of breaching a contract, you may have a legal defense to the opposing party’s claims. Colorado recognizes the following defenses to a breach of contract claim.

  • Failure to Mitigate Damages: The claiming party has an obligation to take reasonable steps to minimize their damages.
  • Impossibility of Performance: A party may not be legally responsible for a breach of contract if unanticipated circumstances made the performance of the contract vitally different from what was contemplated by the parties.
  • Pain and Suffering:  Except in very limited situations, a party cannot make a damage claim for pain and suffering.

You may also have many additional defenses to a  breach of contract claim.
Please contact an experienced Denver, Colorado breach of contract attorney and arrange for a free initial consultation.