Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance Policy Coverage Attorney – Denver Colorado The Law Office of Damian Stone, P.C. has the experience to evaluate and challenge an insurance company’s decision regarding the scope and application of your insurance coverage. An insurance company may wrongfully deny an insurance claim or issue a reservation of rights to limit the insurance coverage provided to you by your policy. Many times, the claims adjuster often misapplies the insurance policy provisions and may not take the time to examine all of the applicable policy provisions. This then may result in an improper reduction in the amount that you are owed for a property claim or the improper denial of insurance coverage when you are sued. You need a lawyer to evaluate the insurance policy provisions and determine whether the insurance company has improperly denied or limited your insurance claim. We will negotiate with the insurance company to achieve a reasonable settlement of your insurance claim. If necessary, we will sue the insurance company to enforce your rights. Please contact an experienced Denver, Colorado insurance coverage attorney and arrange for a free initial consultation.